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My Goals for 2018

January 13, 20184 minutes to read

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2018 !!! Finally new year, time to make a new plan and check what we did last year. Also, it’s the time of the year where we can setup the plan for the incoming 12 months.


So what was my plan last year?

Get 500+ Subscribers on my youtube channel. [CHECK]

Right now I have 2935 subscribers on my channel. This is awesome thank you, everyone, who follow me there. This is really awesome to see some people like the things I do. I hope what I shared as tips on my channel can really help you :)

Post 25 videos at least on youtube. [CHECK]

I posted 113 videos in 2017. Yes this challenge is done, but I’m a bit disappointed with the fact then I didn’t do all the tutorials I plan to. 2018 please be good with me here and help me to stay motivated.

Create 2 apps for my startup idea. [NOPE]

I did 0 apps idea for myself. All the apps I did was for the client.

Get better as a Mentor and see student smile after graduating [CHECK]

I get more patient, cause yes I need haha. Like me everyone who start in programming struggle on some point. Here has a mentor the thing is sometimes this stuff make so much sense for you then you don’t understand why this person don’t understand yet. Was really hard for me to go over this but this thing it’s what I think to make a great mentor. But I need to get better in teaching and plan to do some little video like tips I found who can help a student. Get almost always the same question so why not recorded the answer? :)

Get better and better on JavaScript [CHECK]

I think I did here. Learn a lot about data structure and references this year.

Learn Golang or Elixir a bit more. [CHECK]

I did for both some little project and I’m also working right now on a tutorial where I teach Elixir with Grahpql + Phoenix + React-Native where the plan is to build an Instagram Clone

Wrote 30 posts on this blogs. [NOPE]

NOPE, I didn’t …

Create 3 tutorials and post it on Youtube and Udemy for free. [CHECK]

I did on youtube, but Udemy I’ve done zero

Create 1 awesome library for the community. [NOPE]

I made nothing really awesome :S

Contribute on at least 3 open source project. [NOPE]

Didn’t have the motivation to continue to work after my 10hours code straight almost every day.

Get better in English [CHECK]

I think I get better here, but still, need to improve it.

Start to learn Spanish [NOPE]

Didn’t event started haha

Read 10 books about business [NOPE]

Just read one here.

Read 20 books about programming [NOPE]

Read 6 here, and I don’t think 20 books is ok in a year haha

Get 1500 points on StackOverflow (652 currently) [NOPE]

Right now I’m with 1058 points :( almost.


So this year, which kind of year I want 2018 to be? Good question! I think this year gonna be a way for me to start moving a bit faster on some topic and starting to get better at what I have already started. What do I mean? First thing, my project I build right now started to be a bit faster, no need anymore to do all the research I did last year to get this feature done example. So I can focus more on coding and build awesome product faster. And faster what I mean by that is making more product. What took me before 40hours to make now I can do this in 30hours or less. So that gonna let me finish product earlier and go on the next one faster etc. By doing this I’m gonna see more scenario and business logic. At the end of this, I’m gonna just have more experience.

Also, I need to focus on getting better at what I already do and not spread myself too much. I think this year Javascript, Golang, and some Elixir gonna be the only language I’m gonna touch.

2018 also gonna be the year of learning Blockchain’s technologies. Learning how to work with them and building dapps. I know this gonna be big in the future and I want to have an edge here :)

For my youtube channel, I want to start to be a bit more professional. Not doing cut in a video it’s a bad idea, I need to start cutting part who make my viewer losing time. Where I say “eeeeeeee” for like 5 sec haha. Also, I need to take time to talk good in English. Showing more picture of what we gonna do. Explain more before we start a feature. Going deeper into some stuff another tutorial doesn’t show.

My goals for 2018

  • Get good with Golang
  • Get 5000 subscribers on youtube
  • Post 5 tutorials on youtube
  • Get 3000 points on StackOverflow
  • Read 10 books in programming
  • Improve my English
  • Improve my health by doing exercise a bit more
  • Improve my teaching’s skill

Good year everyone :)


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