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About Myself

Hello, my name is Emanuel Quimper. I’m from Quebec, Canada.

A little bit about myself. First I was in the Army for 7 years before starting to program in 2015. I’m very passionate and programming has become more than a job for me, a hobby. I code all the time if I’m not with my family I’m the father of a 1 year old little boy. From the start I was already sharing my knowledge to everyone who wanted it. I became a mentor at Thinkful and Bloc in 2016. , just one year later, because I was programming 80+ hrs a week and when I was not working I was studying. I was always helping students on slack too so it did help me to get a bit more knowledge for my little experience at the time.

I also started around this time a Youtube channel where I make tutorial on anything on react/react native/javascript. The plan here is that everyone can help people on with programming. You always have more experience than some people.

I’ve been into node from the start of my career but Adam did change it when I did look at his youtube video on Kitetail etc. TDD was new for me and I was amazed by his working flow. In node it is so hard to do this without plugin so many things together. So I decided to give Laravel a chance. From this day for my own client cause yes I work at a react/react-native/node agency, I do use Laravel with vue and react native if mobile need. When tailwind came I was an early adopter. Of course I like using new stuff even if not version 1 but Tailwind was so promising. I even did created a library to make use of the idea of Tailwind for react-native. I do use this one on many of my client projects like Point, Fixit and Jiveworld.

Why would I be a good fit for Tailwind UI?

I’m someone who loves to work and give his maximum but at the same time, I know how important is it to enjoy lifetime with my family, friends etc. From what I saw from you online its look like you have the same mindset as me. I’m also a quick learner, and when I’m passionate about something I can’t stop looking and playing with it. I remember in one of your Full stack radio episodes you mention you are the same. Yes I'm a listener of your podcast for the past 2 years now and listen to all episodes. I’m also someone who want to get more into open source. But the projects that I look at are not something I want to get into. Tailwind was something I wanted to help in the past but didn’t have the time at this moment because my clients of last year were all mobile and the brand new baby. I think I can also help Adam on how to use Tailwind UI etc by doing livestream and tutorial using it. I want to spread how it’s a joy working with it.

I am convinced that I am the person you need to grow your business.

P.S Yes this blog use Tailwind, didn't update it but that was pre v1 :)