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My goals for 2017

January 06, 20173 minutes to read

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2016 was a big year for me. First thing, I start coding the 6 January 2016 so today is my first full year finish. Coming from an Army background this was one of the biggest moves of my life. I've always done a physical job and this one we all know is really more technical. I found by coding every day in the year "Yes 365days last year I have touched my PC and coded" that I love that more and more.

When I started that was really hard to be sure this is more than a passion. I was really not that good and everything was too much for me. I things the facts I'm french and everything is English didn't help me either. So after 1 big month of using Html and CSS I jump on the Ruby On Rails part. I follow a lot of tutorial on the internet where I make a clone of some app like Pinterest, Twitter, Airbnb etc.

In April 2016 I know at this time I want to do a career. So I join a BootCamp call Thinkful. That's was one my best moved so far. I meet one of the best programmer and more than that he was my mentor. His name is Ryan Lynch. This guy makes me understand the hard concept and make everything look easier. He pushes me on the Redux world and now I use that everywhere. Thank you, Ryan!

When I finish the boot camp I was struggling finding job. But I continue to work on my experience and continue to build stuff. At this time the only project has built was this little app. That's wasn't enough so I continue to build and put the commitment into my learning. With the help of the Thinkful team, I found my first as a freelance developer where I have built a full-stack application using React, Redux, React-Native, Meteor, Node etc.

In end November, I get a job at Thinkful where I help people with the React-Redux part of the course. I really like that, I learn much more by teaching. I liked helping people and this is a place where I'm happy to help the student understand react and redux much more. I know where we struggle and that's why I think that give me a good idea how I can help them.

In December, I start to challenge myself a bit more. The first thing I created a youtube channel. This thing was something I have to think for a long time but with my bad English + my experience I wasn't sure that was a good idea. But finally I really liked it and this is something I want to put energy this year. The second thing I start to restream myself on I start to stream almost the first day of my journey of learning code. Now I grow up a good audience and I think that push myself a bit more than doing nothing.

One thing too I'm proud for this year was my commitment on github. I contribute on some of the open source project.

One of my best choice this year was to challenge myself doing 12 apps in 12 weeks. Right now I have finished the first 3 apps.

  1. ShortNeed
  2. GiveMeThatIdea
  3. React-Native Twitch

That challenge myself so much, I learn stuff with this challenge so quickly and now that pushed me some time on a place I never been.

My goals for 2017

  • Get 500+ Subscribers on my youtube channel.
  • Post 25 videos at least on youtube.
  • Create 2 apps for my startup idea.
  • Get better as a Mentor and see student smile after graduating.
  • Get better and better on JavaScript.
  • Learn Golang or Elixir a bit more.
  • Wrote 30 posts on this blogs.
  • Create 3 tutorials and post it on Youtube and Udemy for free.
  • Create 1 awesome library for the community.
  • Contribute on at leat 3 open source project.
  • Get better in English
  • Start to learn Spanish
  • Read 10 books about business
  • Read 20 books about programming
  • Get 1500 points on StackOverflow (652 currently)

End word

So I hope you have big goals this year too. Don't hesitate to write a little hello in the chat and let me know what is your goal this year too.


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